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Spine Surgery in Covid-Era

Covid-19 has changed the world totally in the last six months. People are affected professionally, financially and emotionally. It is a difficult time for patients who are suffering from any kind of medical illness. Patients are reluctant to go to the hospitals to prevent catching the virus in hospital. Online consultations have become very common. Those who need any kind of surgery are postponing them as much as possible. Even the doctors are operating on only those patients who require... Read More

Meralgia Paresthetica

Meralgia Paresthetica
Meralgia Paresthetica is a condition in which patient feel tingling, numbness and sometimes pain on the front and outer side of the thigh area. Meralgia Paresthetica is secondary to compression or irritation of Lateral Femoral Cutaneous Nerve (LFCN) in the groin area. This nerve supplies sensation to antero-lateral aspect of the thigh. Nerve gets compressed while passing through or under the Inguinal ligament, a broad structure spanning anterior superior iliac spine (hard pointed, structure at the very top of thigh... Read More


Image showing inflammation of sacroiliac joint, i.e. sacroiliitis.
Sacroiliitis is inflammation of one or both surfaces of sacroiliac (SI) joint. Sacroiliac joint lies between sacrum (last triangular part of the spine) and ilium (pelvic bone). One or both SI joints can be affected. Symptoms: Patients usually present with typical symptoms of low back pain. Pain can be more on the side of the joint affected. Pain can radiate down to buttocks or upwards in paraspinal area. Occasionally, patients have symptoms similar to slip disc with pain radiating down... Read More

Coccydynia (Tail bone pain)

Coccyx or tail-bone is lowest part or tip of the spine. Pain in coccyx is known as coccydynia. It affect about 2% of the population. Females are affected more. In majority of the cases, coccydynia is associated with history of fall on hips with injury to coccyx. Causes of Coccydynia: Trauma to coccyx due to fall on hips causing coccyx fracture, Excessive anterior angulation of coccyx, Natural child-birth causing coccygeal injury, Chronic irritation of coccygeal area (long sitting, driving, cycling,... Read More

Post-operative care after spine surgery!

Post-operative care after spine surgery
Having a spine surgery is big decision for patients. Patients are worried not only about the surgery, but also about the recovery after the spine surgery. Here, we summarize the routine post-operative care of a patient after the spine surgery. Wound-care and bath: It is a common practice to change dressing repeatedly, even if it is clean. Patients also ask doctor how frequently dressing changes are required. A dressing change is usually not required at all after minimally invasive spine... Read More

Complications of spine surgery!

Complication after spine surgery
People are afraid of spine surgeries. They not only fear that spine surgery will not give any benefit, but also feel that it can cause further deterioration in their existing condition. People feel a long bed rest will be required after spine surgery and there is possibility of paralysis. Some people even ask if they will be able to walk after the spine surgery. Many of these fears are due to past experiences of the patients when a long bed... Read More

Why patients are scared of spine surgery!

Dr. Amit Sharma and team performing spine surgery.
It is rare for a patient suffering from spine problem to accept the need of surgery right-away. A spine specialist will recommend surgery only if he/ she feels that patient’s symptoms are coming from a specific problem in spine, and there is an effective treatment available for the problem which will cure the patient’s symptoms. There are several reasons for a patient to not accept surgery as a treatment option. A patient suffering from any kind of medical problem would... Read More

Why some patients don’t recover after spine surgery?

no relief after spine surgery
It is natural for the patients to expect that they should become normal after the surgery. Many a times we see patients who do not get completely symptoms free after the surgery. This creates a discontent among the patients and discordance in doctor-patient relationship. Primary reason behind this is lack of understanding regarding nature of spine problems and lack of proper counseling before the surgery. There are various sources of the spine pain and many of these are still not... Read More

How to keep spine healthy!

How to keep spine healthy
All of us have chronic wear and tear (degeneration) of spine, especially in old age. Spine problems can affect younger population also. It is not clear whether more patients are diagnosed with spine problem now due to improved diagnostic methods or there is actually increased incidence of spinal problems due to changing life styles. Even though back and neck pain are going to affect almost every one at some point of time in their life, not everyone is going to... Read More

Recovery after spine surgery

recovery after spine surgery
In the current era, where understanding about spine problems is increased and latest technologies help a spine specialist perform spine surgeries in a safe and effective manner, recovery from spine surgery has become very smooth and predictable. Patients are allowed to sit and walk very next day after spine surgery (and in some cases even on same day). A minimally invasive spine surgery makes this rehabilitation even faster due to minimal pain and muscle damage. Even after a traditional spine... Read More

Driving and Back Pain

Treatment and prevention of back pain while driving
In the current era, where every one is using a car, it is very important to understand how to avoid hurting your back while driving car, especially while traveling long distances. Sitting in same position for a long time, lack of activity while driving, car movements  and bad roads, all contribute to damage to the spine. Even a normal person can have back pain after traveling long distance. Following tips can help prevent back pain while travelling and to prevent... Read More

Do I need Spine Surgery?

confusion about need of spine surgery
Whenever patients are recommended spine surgery by spine specialist, they face dilemma whether they should undergo spine surgery or not. A decision to undergo spine surgery is based on several factors: Has the patient tried other non-surgical treatment?Is patient getting sufficient relief in reasonable period of time from non-surgical treatments?How severely spine problem is affecting patient’s day to day life?Is the patient willing to wait for non-surgical treatment to work or wants acute relief?Are there any danger signs/ red flags... Read More

Can I have spine problem again after surgery?

spine surgery
There are lots of misconceptions and lack of understanding about spine problems. This is primarily because of lack of complete knowledge and proper counseling of the patients regarding spine related problems. People fear for spine surgery, not only because they feel it can cause problem during surgery, but they also feel that spine surgery can cause future problems also. A prolapsed disc or spinal stenosis is usually associated with disc degeneration and facet arthritis. In fact, degeneration is the reason... Read More

What is the cost of spine surgery?

cost of spine surgery
Cost of routine spine surgery procedures is not very different than other orthopedic procedures. However, spine surgery can become costly. There are multiple factors which make spine surgery slightly costlier than other procedures. Before we discuss about cost of spine surgery, it is important to understand how cost of any surgical procedure is decided. Type of hospital room: Patients often feel that if they opt for a single occupancy or higher room, it should only affect room rent part of... Read More

Neck Pain

Neck pain treatment
Neck pain is not as common as back pain, still it affects many people. It is usually a result of chronic wear and tear of cervical spine tissues. Overuse and injury to muscles are also common cause. Neck pain can be very debilitating, especially for someone leading an active life style. Neck pain can get referred to surrounding areas and can cause headache, ear pain, pain radiating to shoulder etc. If there is nerve pressure in cervical spine, pain might... Read More