Best Orthopedic Doctor in Mumbai for Spine

We provide best spine surgery treatment to our patients. A precise diagnosis is made to understand pathology behind patient’s symptoms. Best suited treatment for every patient is chosen on individual basis to provide maximum relief of symptoms in a safe way. Patients are fully informed about the treatment and alternatives. Patients are involved in decision making process for their problem.

Microdiscectomy: 5 years follow up

Young businessman was suffering from severe radiculopathy since many years. He underwent L4-5 lumbar microdiscectomy surgery and got immediate relief. Patient started walking on same day after surgery and discharged next morning. Microdiscectomy is best procedure for people suffering from severe leg pain due to slip disc. Patient is pain-free even after many years with no recurrence of disc herniation.

Microdiscectomy: Many years after surgery.

Results after spine surgery are not short lasting as very well explained by my most favorite patient. She underwent lumbar microdiscectomy surgery in 2011 for L4-5 slip disc and is still pain-free. She is also describing about another young boy who had severe congenital kyphosis. She sponsored boy’s spine surgery. The boy underwent spine deformity correction surgery and did extremely well afterwards.

Lumbar spine fusion surgery

60 years old male from Africa. He underwent L4-5, L5-S1 lumbar spine decompression and fusion surgery. Next day after the surgery patient comfortably sitting and talking about complete symptoms relief. He started walking same day. Shows the miracle of spinal surgery. Spine surgery gives best results in properly selected case.

Lumbar Decompression and fusion Surgery (L4-5)

60 year male 2 Days After L4-5 lumbar spine decompression and fusion surgery. Patients got total relief of back pain and leg radiculopathy. Spine surgery gives best result in a properly selected patient.

Lumbar decompression and fusion surgery

Patient’s son explaining about the recovery of his mother immediately after the surgery. Patient was suffering from severe back pain and both leg pain. She was postponing the surgery due to fear of complications associated with spine surgery. However, she recovered immediately after the surgery and started walking very next day. She was discharged from the hospital just 2 days after the surgery.

Anterior cervical spine fusion surgery

40 years Omani female 2 days after next day after the surgery. She underwent C5-6 anterior cervical spine decompression and fusion surgery. She was discharged on the same day of surgery. Cervical spine surgery is considered very risky. On the contrary, cervical spine surgery is easier from patient perspective compared to lower back surgery. Recovery is very quick and patient can be discharged within 1-2 days.

Lumbar decompression surgery

55 years female 1.5 month after L3-4, L4-5 lumbar laminectomy. Patient is seen for routine follow up. She is explaining her recovery after spine surgery. She had severe leg pain and numbness before surgery which got significantly better immediately after lumbar laminectomy surgery.

80 year old female after lumbar fusion surgery

Patient’s son explaining recovery of an 80 year old female after a multilevel lumbar decompression and fusion surgery. Even old patients have satisfactory results after spine surgery as shown in this patient. Age is no bar as long as patient is otherwise healthy. Only catch, we have to choose best suited procedure for the patient.

Spinal tuberculosis surgery

20 year old male. 2 years after surgery for lumbar spine tuberculosis. Patient had severe pain and weakness in both legs before surgery. He was not able to sit or walk. A perfectly planned surgery gave him best result. It is very important to continue TB medicines for the duration recommended by your spine doctor. Patient had excellent recovery and can perform all activities now.

Lumbar fusion surgery: one year follow up

One year follow up of a young male after L4-5 lumbar spine decompression and fusion surgery. Spine fusion surgery gives very good results. Patient is absolutely fine. Spine fusion surgery gives long term relief.

Micro-endoscopic discectomy surgery.

35 year old female. Just 2 weeks after her surgery for a slip disc at L4-5. Patient had foot drop (weakness in foot) which in 2 days after the surgery. This video shows how patients recover quickly after spine surgery. No bed rest required with the latest minimally invasive spine surgeries.

Microdiscectomy surgery: 2 weeks follow up.

25 year/ male, just 2 weeks after L4-5 lumbar spine micro-discectomy surgery. Shows speedy recovery after spine surgery with immediate relief from symptoms. Patients can go back to work as soon as they are comfortable.

MIS TLIF Surgery: Immediate recovery

Young patient underwent L4-5 lumbar spine MIS TLIF (Minimally Invasive Lumbar Interbody Fusion) Surgery. Patient walking one day after surgery with complete symptoms relief. He was discharged next day. This is the advantage of minimally invasive surgery, quick recovery and early discharge from the hospital.

Lumbar Decompression Surgery

Patient sharing her experience immediately after lumbar decompression/ laminectomy surgery. She walked next day after surgery and discharged in 2 days. Spine surgery is safe and give best results.

Microdiscectomy Surgery

Patient sharing his experience immediately after L4-5 lumbar microdiscectomy surgery. Spine surgery gives immediate relief. A minimally invasive spine surgery makes recovery very quick.

MIS TLIF: Lumbar Decompression and Instrumentation Surgery

Patient sharing her experience after minimally invasive lumbar decompression and instrumentation surgery (MIS TLIF). A proper diagnosis and perfectly executed surgery gives best results to every patient.

Spine Tuberculosis Surgery

25 year/ female was suffering from spine tuberculosis (TB). She had paralysis in both legs before surgery. She underwent thoracic spine decompression and instrumentation surgery. She recovered completely after surgery and now has full power in her legs.

Lumbar spine decompression surgery

Patient’s son describing about his mother’s experience after undergoing minimally invasive lumbar decompression spine surgery. Patient walked next day after the surgery and was discharged just two days later. She flew back to her native country (Oman) right after the discharge from the hospital. Latest technological advances give best results after spine surgery.

MIS TLIF- Minimally Invasive Lumbar Decompression and Instrumentation Surgery

45 year old Female patient from Oman had severe leg pain and back pain. She had a fracture in her L4 bone (spondylolysis and spondylolisthesis) with L4-5 disc prolapse. She underwent L4-5 minimally invasive spine decompression and instrumentation surgery with immediate resolution of back and leg pain. She started walking same evening comfortably and flew back to her native country very next day after the surgery.