Success Stories

Best Spine Surgery Results

Slip Disc Treatment: Best results in Mumbai

We present a successful case example of slip disc treatment. 40 years old Mr. PD came to us with severe left leg pain. He was suffering for last 6 months. According to the patient, the pain was gradually worsening. He was unable to attend his office due to pain and was on bed rest for last 3 months. For last 15 days, patient started having weakness in left foot with difficulty in walking due to weakness in...

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Hydatid Cyst of the Spine: A rare pathology

Case History A 40 years old female patient presented to us with 3 months history of progressively increasing weakness in both legs. Patient is not able to walk independently. Two relatives were supporting her to walk. Patient also gave us history of a spine surgery done in. upper back (thoracic spine) 2 years ago. Details of that surgery were not available, however, it seemed a spinal decompression procedure was done. According to the patient, that...

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