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Pregnancy And Back Pain

Pregnancy And Back Pain

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Pregnancy And Back Pain

Pregnancy brings several physiological changes in the body. These changes can cause back pain. A pre-existing back pain may get exaggerated during pregnancy.

Causes of back pain in pregnancy:

  • Weight gain due to weight of the fetus and increased water/ fat content of the body puts extra pressure on spine. On an average, a pregnant lady usually gains about 10 kg weight.
  • Excessive weight in abdomen shifts center of gravity. This pulls lumbar spine out of alignment.
  • Hormonal changes during pregnancy cause ligaments in body becomes softer and stretch to assist in child delivery. This causes loss of support of spinal also. Sacro-iliac joint is most affected.
  • Excessive stretching of abdominal muscles causes loss of anterior support of spine.
  • Mental stress associated with pregnancy can cause back muscle spasm.


Following tips will help in preventing or alleviating existing back pain.

  • Activity modifications:
    • Don’t bend forward to lift anything off the floor. Rather bend your knees to lower your body.
    • Keep weight near your body to reduce lever arm effect.
    • Keep weight equally distribute in both arms, e.g. while shopping.
    • Keep your back straight while sitting.
    • Sit on a firm surface. Avoid sofa which can slouch your back.
    • Keep one leg on stool while standing for long time.
    • A firm mattress should be used while sleeping. A hard board under a soft mattress can also be used.
    • Don’t sleep on your back.
    • Avoid high heel shoes
    • Don’t twist your spine to turn. Use your feet to move entire body to one side.


  • Pain Relief:
    • Use local hot/ cold compresses to relieve muscle spasm.
    • A local pain relieving gel will help.
    • A light massage or warm bath can also be used.
    • Use paracetamol if pain is severe as it is safe during pregnancy.  For a higher pain killer medicine, first consult your doctor.
    • Take proper rest.



  • Seek immediate medical help if:
    • Back pain is severe and not responding to medical treatment.
    • Emergency symptoms of nerve pressure (numbness/ loss of sensation/ weakness).
    • Towards the end of pregnancy period (could be a sign of labor).
    • Associated with fever, burning urination (urinary infection).
    • Bleeding from vagina (pregnancy related complication).

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