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Best spine surgeon in Mumbai


Safe Spine Surgery!

Safe Spine Surgery!

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Safe Spine Surgery

Back pain and neck pain are common problems. Medicines and physiotherapy give relief to most of the patients. However, spine surgery might be required for the patients who don’t recover.  A safe spine surgery is possible now due to availability of improved surgical techniques and advanced technologies. For majority of the spinal problems, effective spine treatment options are available which ensures best outcome with significant relief of patient’s symptoms.

Minimally invasive spine surgeries (MIS)  give best possible results, helps in quicker recovery with minimal pain in post-operative period, early discharge from hospital, allows early return of function and resumption of occupational activities. Patients are able to stand and walk from the very next day. Patients with minimally invasive spine surgery are discharged in a day or two from hospital.  Majority of patients can resume their work as soon as they get comfortable.

Spinal cord safety  is ensured by use of microscope/ endoscope assisted spine surgery in which surgeon is able to see  magnified and well illuminated surgery area. Advanced surgical instruments provide safe working atmosphere around the spinal nerves and helps spine specialist do their job in a precise manner. For complex spinal surgeries, use of neuro-monitoring technique provides continuous assessment of function of the spinal cord to prevent any  nerve damage. Use of computer navigation/ robotics ensure correct placement of the implants in complex spine surgeries to avoid spine implant related complications.

Improved spine instrumentation provide a robust support to achieve fusion. Advanced bone-graft substitutes (calcium granules, cadaveric bones, BMP) ensures fusion of instrumented levels for long-term success of the surgery.

Patients are able to stand and walk from the very next day after the surgery in almost all cases. Patients with minimally invasive surgery are allowed to take discharge from hospital within a day or two. Majority of patients can resume their work as soon as they get comfortable.

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Hannan Ahmad
Hannan Ahmad
9 months ago

The remarkable strides in spine surgery underscore the safety and efficacy of current procedures. As back and neck pain remains prevalent, the evolution of surgical techniques brings renewed hope for those seeking respite. Minimally invasive surgeries (MIS), with their rapid recovery times and reduced post-operative discomfort, represent a significant advancement in patient care. Tools such as microscopes, endoscopes, and advanced instruments enhance the surgeon’s precision, safeguarding the delicate spinal nerves. Furthermore, integrating neuro-monitoring techniques and computer navigation instills confidence, ensuring the optimal placement of implants and the preservation of neural functions. With the support of state-of-the-art instrumentation and bone-graft substitutes, long-term surgical success appears promising. It’s indeed a testament to the confluence of technology, research, and clinical expertise in enhancing patient outcomes.